KOWL Documents


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Original Application

KOWL Pre-Application Consultation Report

KOWL Non-Technical Summary

KOWL Marine Licence Application Form

KOWL Habitats Regulations Appraisal

KOWL Environmental Statement

KOWL Environmental Statement Appendix A: Particle Size Analysis Report

KOWL Environmental Statement Appendix B: Aerial Surveys Report

KOWL Environmental Statement Appendix C: Navigation Risk Assessment

KOWL Environmental Statement Appendix D: Visualisations

KOWL Environmental Statement Appendix E: Commercial Fisheries Baseline

KOWL Collision Risk Assessments

KOWL Application Letter

KOWL Coordinates of Project Site

KOWL Location Figure

KOWL All Kincardine Data

KOWL Temporary and Permanent Deposits below MHWS


Original Application Further Information

KOWL Environmental Statement Additional Information Addendum

KOWL Environmental Statement Additional Information Addendum Appendix A: Visualisations

KOWL Appendix C Permanent (and Temporary) Deposits

KOWL HRA Additional Information Addendum (Appendix B of ES Additional Information Addendum)


First S36 Variation Application

Notification of Decision

KOWL Decision Letter and Conditions

Marine Scotland Variation letter

Variation Application: Non-Technical Summary

Variation Application Environmental Statement

Variation Application: Visualisations

HRA Variation


Second S36 Variation Application

Second Section 36C Variation Application


Application Determinations

S36 Variation Letter

Varied Marine Licence

Kincardine EIA Consent Decision

Kincardine Marine Licence for the Deposit, Construction and Operation of Marine Renewables Works

Kincardine S36A Declaration

Kincardine S36 Decision Letter and Conditions

Kincardine Appropriate Assessment

Discharge Letter – Condition 20 – Air Defence Radar Mitigation Scheme

Kincardine Marine Licence for Marine Renewables Construction, Operation and Deposit and Removal of Substances or Objects in the Marine Area

S36 Variation Letter Decisions and Conditions


Post Determination Documentation

KOWL Design Statement – Appendix A: Visualisations

Decommissioning Program Without Budget